Welcome to Bread of Life – Giving and Sharing! We are faith-based ministry in Ava, Missouri aimed at providing meals, clothing and other necessities to children and others in need.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, we are operating out of the True יBrew Coffee Shop in Ava, Missouri. True יBrew has been in the community for years, but we purchased the building and equipment through a fundraiser in 2017. We are 100% debt free and our only expenses are food, utilities and basic operation costs.

Our menu menu consists of coffee, sandwiches, wraps, salads, along with some new menu items such as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and a full breakfast menu such as a omelets, croissants, breakfast burritos, and traditional breakfast with bacon & eggs, grits and toast. As a service to our community, we are also offering Hand-Dipped Ice Cream at only 50 cents per scoop!

All proceeds from the coffee shop are used to assist the poor in our community. If any are otherwise unable to afford meals at home, they can simply point to the Free Meal Card on the table or front register, or mention their need to one of our volunteers. The meal will be at no charge or for a donation of any amount, no questions asked. We do this so that everyone can maintain their dignity, avoiding the stigma sometimes associated with soup kitchens.

The downstairs portion of the building is currently used as a collection and distribution center for children’s clothing, coats, shoes and other necessities at no charge. This provides a way for you to give, and we’ll share freely!

While we provide food and other provisions to anyone who is in need, our primary goal is to help address the 27% food insecurity rate among Douglas County children (source: Missouri Kids Count). This is more than twice the national average. Douglas County is a community with many wonderful people, but it is also the third poorest county in the state with more than 1 out of 3 Douglas County Children living in poverty (35%).

It may seem hard to believe, but childhood hunger is a real issue in our community and CNN recently even did a news piece highlighting the problem in southern Missouri.

So our goal is to love, bless and serve all we come in contact with. You can learn more about us by clicking the links at the top of this page. Additionally, please visit our Facebook page. and click “Like” to keep yourself updated on the latest news.