About Us

We are operating through the True ‘Brew Coffee Shop in Ava, Missouri. Staffed 100% by volunteers, proceeds through sales at the True Brew Coffee Shop will will be used to provide meals for those (especially children) in need.

The downstairs portion is used as a collection and distribution center for children’s clothing and other necessities. No charge!

In Douglas County Missouri, 35% of children are living in poverty. 27% of Douglas County children have food insecurity, which is more than twice the national average (source: Missouri KidsCount)

The True ‘Brew Coffee shop offers the same menu items offered under previous ownership, with some new menu items added, such as a full breakfast menu.

Because we are staffed by volunteers, servers don’t take tips but you will have the option to purchase a meal ticket for a child, based on the premium menu items. Children will then be given the premium meals through the meal ticket system.

Every table has a “Prayer Request” card to fill out for any who need prayer, along with an option to be added to our email based prayer list. Our volunteers will also be wearing aprons that say, “Ask me if you need prayer.”

The new seating area is called the “Family Room,” while the front of the building will be more suited for guests that prefer more of a quiet environment.